Fridle Group - Services

The completeness of the product range and its qualified service make Fridle Group a strategic partner, specialised in sealing systems, connection systems and hydraulic components, whatever the industrial sector.

Fridle Group customers can count on the following services:

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Real-time material availability
Through careful analysis of flows, usage, inventory and stock, Fridle Group guarantees the supplies in real time to avoid extended waiting time and stockouts
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Presale and after-sales technical support
Exclusive partnership agreements with leading manufacturers brands of sealing systems, connection systems and hydraulic components allow Fridle Group to provide a high level of technical support, during product selection, installation and after-sales
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Production of custom made gaskets
For items not in stock, Fridle Group can produce seals up to a maximum diameter of 200 mm
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Assembling and testing of pipes and fittings
You can request complete pipes and fittings as well as the sealing test for low, high or extreme pressures
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Detection of customer's samples and kit
In case of doubt about the product, Fridle Group can view a physical sample for an evaluation of the technical characteristics and propose the most efficient solution
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Customized labels with QR code and logo
You can ask for personalized packaging
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Retail with consultancy
The competent and up-to-date staff working at the desk can answer technical questions before purchasing. The service operates from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:30
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Training events
Supported by its partners, Fridle Group offers the opportunity to meet and compare product-related experiences, technical innovation and latest industry news

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