Pneumatic and metal caged wipers – Fridle Group

Wipers are mainly used in linear dynamic applications. Characterized by an elastic scraper-lip closure, may also have a metallic support. Their main function is to protect the hydraulic / pneumatic from impurities which could penetrate inside the cylinder causing premature failure of the system. Fridle Group provides different types of wipers.

GWD, GWR ASR e NIPLS wipers for two-side rods in pneumatic applications

GWD seals combine a lip-seal gasket with a wiper. GWD has also a stepped profile to enable employment with small diameters. Material: GWD comes in PUR standard 90° Sh to guarantee better wear and tear resistance and excellent sliding.

GWR and ASR seals combine a lip-seal gasket with a wiper thus requiring only one groove, not two as in traditional combinations of seals and wipers. Material: GWR comes in PUR standard 90° Sh and ASR comes in NBR, also available in FPM.

NIPSL two-side wipers act both as rod seals and wipers. A metallic washer vulcanized with rubber guarantees perfect groove installation. It is mostly used with pneumatic cylinders. Material: NBR 72°Sh A.

Metal caged wipers

Fridle wiper, with rubber covered or vulcanized metal insert display these main advantages:

  • low cost simple housing design and installation
  • stable coupling between housing and ring